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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Wrecked and Ruined REVIEW

 Aly Martinez weaves together a wonderful story of love lost and the ability to love again. Although the author notes that each book in the series is a standalone, I believe they should be read together and in sequence. To fully understand the events that take place in the Stolen Course you must have knowledge of the trials encountered in Changing Course. Aly does a good job of interchanging past and present events to give the reader some insight of what happened but that alone wouldn’t have been enough

The first book, Changing Course is Brett’s story. We meet him and his wife Sarah in the prologue and this heartbreaking yet powerful introduction left the reader wanting to know how they got to this point. Brett begins by telling us how he met and fell in love with Sarah Erickson.  Brett & Sarah meet at a bar one night. He immediately finds Sarah to be funny, lively and energetic and later that night he gets to do what every guy wants to do with a girl. NO NOT THAT!!!!  (dirty minds). Eventually they fall in love and get married, then the unimaginable happens and nothing is as it was.  

Sarah is involved in a tragic accident that results in the death of one of her best friends, Manda who is also the fiancĂ© of Caleb, Brett’s best buddy.  Death is not always physical. Sarah as we know her, died in that accident along with Manda. She is no longer that funny and energetic woman Brett first met; she is now angry, depressed and unstable. But in spite of this, Brett stays unhappily married to a woman he feels obligated to take care of.  Four years after that awful night, we find Brett still married to Sarah, and only existing. That is until a certain barista Jesse Addison, asks him out on a date.

Stolen Course, the second book in the series, is Caleb’s story and picks up where the end of Changing Course ends. Caleb always felt that Sarah was responsible for Manda’s death, but when Sarah’s sister, Emma, comes to take care of her, he can’t hide his attraction her. They began as friends with Caleb calling Emma with update on Sarah’s recovery. Eventually the friendship turns into a “friends with benefits” association and the real story begins.
Caleb and Emma’s story is not easy. He has to weigh his feeling for Emma against the hate he has for her sister. Emma isn’t blind to his feeling but she struggles with loving the man her sister’s best friend was engaged to. The two of them have to find a way to be together in spite of the challenges.
In both books the course of their lives are changed by a single event. Brett’s course changing with the death of his wife as he knew her and Caleb’s course stolen by the person he holds responsible for the accident. Both men eventually find their happily ever after but not before secrets are revealed that could once again rip their hearts out.
These emotional stories are well written and told in alternating points of view. Aly Martinez does a wonderful job of grabbing the reader’s attention making you stay until it ends. For this reason I have rated each book with 4 Beautiful Red Roses.

The third book Broken Course is expected to be released October of 2014.
Each book is priced at $2.99 on Amazon and are available to loan on Kindle. If you do pick up the book please let me know how much you like them.

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