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Friday, July 4, 2014

REVIEW ❤ Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

After initially reading this book I wasn’t sure on how to rate it. I had more questions than answers at the end and needed someone to tell me what i missed… but more about that later. Let’s talk about what I loved. Olive!!!! She was has cutest personality ever and for a 5 year old she has a story of her own. I'm not sure of where Jamie got the inspiration for writing this character but I LOVED her!!!!

Another thing I loved was Trent and Cami together. Although we are told that Trent had feelings for Cami since they were in elementary school, I loved that they became friends prior to Cami realizing that Trent was “the one”. As they hung out and got to know one another it became evident that his feelings ran deep but she continued to “friend” him when they were so much more. I hated that Cami couldn’t make up her mind when it was evident that her relationship with TJ was almost non existent. If my boyfriend canceled on me every time we had a weekend planned he would not be my boyfriend for very long, I’m just saying. I also didn’t like how she ran to TJ after telling him about the kiss. He had no plans to see her prior to that and when he figured out that their relationship was in jeopardy he immediately books her a flight to California. Then we have the scene in the airport… Enough said.

Trent would not be a Maddox if he didn’t have the FIERCE need to protect the women in his life. He is brotherly in his relationship with Olive and they have the most adorable relationship. She is a little lady and that cigarette conversation.. LOL!!! I wanted to stop smoking after that. Trent showed his protective side with Cami when he went with her to the family dinner. And that’s where we meet the biggest asshole of them all her father. I think Trent held his own there and had to keep himself planted in his seat because I wanted to slap the taste out of that man's mouth. He was rude and belittling to his wife and daughter.

So why can't I rate the story....

First, the story of Cami's relationship with her family seems unfinished. I didn't understand the need to keep the "incident" a secret from her brothers, if they were the loving and protective brothers we were introduced to initially, they would side with Cami. But I don't know, I probably missed something.

Second, Reagan’s relationship with Kody and Jason. Why do good girls love bad boys? Face is Jason was another asshole that only wanted Reagan when she was happy with Kody. That drama was crazy.

Finally, the SECRET.  Cami's reason for staying with TJ never really made sense to me. He didn't make her a priority in his life and it like that was fine with her. Everyone else saw this but I couldn't figure out why she kept making excuses for him, until a conversation she had with  Reagan that hinted at a "secret". Apparently its revealed at the end of the book, but I think I missed it. As a matter of fact I know i missed it cause after reading the ending 5 times I still couldn't figure it out.

******UPDATE*****  After discussing with other readers it was brought to my attention what I missed and THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!! With that twist this is a 5 star book easily!!!!  I never thought of that that could me it, even after reading it 5 times, I felt like an idiot. I’m sure there is more to this story and we will get the rest in the next book or maybe the following.

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