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Monday, November 3, 2014

REVIEW & BLOG TOUR GIVEAWAY ❤ Sinful Desires Series Tour by M.S. Parker

   SynopsisWhy in the world had I agreed to go home for my five-year reunion when I hated pretty much all of my classmates? Right, because I was an idiot. I should've known better.

When Las Vegas exotic dancer, Piper Black, goes back to Philadelphia for her reunion, she knows it's not going to be an enjoyable experience, and she's right...until she ends up sleeping with her high school crush. What she doesn't know is that Reed Stirling has a secret that ruins everything.

Can he make things right? And even if he does, will Piper be able to forgive him?
Don't miss the titillating Vol. 1 of Sinful Desires by USA Today Bestselling author, M.S. Parker.

Initially, I loved the first installment of the Sinful Desires series but as the story continued my loved turned into a like. Piper has had it rough since her mother passed, but she still wanted to become a dancer and continued to hold on to that dream. Even though she wasn't exactly doing the type of dance she had in mind, Piper remained positive and didn't get entangled in the life of a Las Vegas exotic dancer. After being convinced to return home to Philadelphia to attend her high school reunion, Piper reconnects with her crush Reed Stirling the chemistry is there. There one night together is all that Piper could have hoped for, and she returns to her life in Vegas. A few weeks later and another chance encounter with Reed leaves Piper angry and hurt, she accepts a date from another man who's intentions are suspicious.

It's at this point the story changes for me. That night in Vegas altered my opinion of Piper. Initially, I empathized with her and felt bad at the way life her life turned out. I was happy she wasn't jaded by her circumstances.  But I also expected a girl who had stripped for two years to have a little more street smart, and Piper didn't. That one night changed the story for me and made a five heart story a four heart story. As always M.S. Parker never disappoints in her sex scenes, that along with her wonderful writing made me want to know what happened next. Will Reed be able to choose between his family and Piper? What are Brock's true motives in pursuing Piper? We'll just have to wait for the next installment to find out and I can't wait.

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I wasn't entirely sure why I'd accepted Brock's invitation to be his date for his sister's wedding. A wedding to a man who'd confessed that he didn't love his wife-to-be. All I knew was that I didn't belong in that world.

When Piper Black returned to Philadelphia to attend the wedding of the man who'd broken her heart, she never imagined that she'd end up falling for her date...who just happened to be Reed Stirling's new brother-in-law.

Will Brock Michaels be able to heal Piper's heart or will her connection to Reed tear apart more than one relationship?

The second volume in M.S. Parker's sizzling Sinful Desires series isn't to be missed.

This installment answered a few of my questions, but I am still VERY suspicious of Brock. I haven't waivered on my feelings about Piper. She  is a stubborn girl and is still wanting to achieve her dream even though the road is isn't clear, but her naivete bothers me. Is she so desperate for love and acceptance that she doesn't see the signs?

After a wonderful week with Brock, Piper is again presented with another proposal. This relationship went from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds, and there is a sharp curve ahead, she just doesn't see yet. This is moving way too fast, and Piper will not heed the warnings. Once again I'm disappointed in her choices, but damn that girl has one crazy sex life. I think I'm jealous. I still have M.S. Parker's awesome sex scenes and great storytelling to keep me wanting to know what happens next. Three hearts for the 2nd episode of Sinful Desires.


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  SynopsisI was shocked when Brock asked me to move back to Philadelphia and even more so when he'd declared that he'd choose me over his family. Reed, the man I'd thought had honor had turned out to be a bastard, but the guy who everyone said was bad news was starting to look a lot like a white knight.

Back in Las Vegas and trying to decide what to do about Brock Michaels' offer, Piper Black finds herself torn between the man she cares for and the reputation he supposedly has. She tells herself that he's changing for her, but she isn't sure if that means she wants to move for him.

Is Brock really who he seems to be, or is he just one more man who will break Piper's heart?

Find out the truth in this third installment of M.S. Parker's smoking series, Sinful Desires.

Brock visits Piper in Las Vegas and brings along his friend, Julien. But when shows his true colors Piper's still convinced he is the guy she first met. I swear this girl kills me softly. Again her naivete is a problem for me. She sees his small gestures of good as something huge, and she seems to forget that he is a trust fund baby. Actions speak louder than words and when Piper finally understands this, will it be too late?  I want to know what happens next so 3 aching hearts for this installment of Sinful Desires.


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SynopsisHow could I have been so stupid? Anastascia had told me that Brock was bad news but I'd never dreamed what he was capable of. First Reed, then Brock. Was my taste in men really that awful?

When Piper Black finds out the truth about her first encounter with her boyfriend Brock Michaels, she's devastated, but things only get worse when a familiar face shows up at the wrong moment.

With her life in shambles, Piper is given the opportunity for a new start... back in Philadelphia.
Will her luck change if she moves back? And what will it mean being in the same city as the one man who's never left her mind?

In this penultimate installment of M.S. Parker's sizzling Sinful series, the intrigue is hot, but the passion is even hotter.

And the truth shall set you free!

Or in Piper’s case severs relationships and raises the dead. Reeds offer Piper the opportunity of a lifetime to make amends for how he treated her in volume one. I’m not sure if this is enough to make up for all that had happened, but you also never look a gifted horse in the mouth, or however that saying goes. But his attempt to apologize softens my heart towards him, and I wish him well.

I’ve always liked Julien. There was just something about him that said “GOOD GUY” and I’m sure Piper saw it too. He becomes a wonderful friend to her, and this is what Piper deserves in a major way; a friend not another lover. Julien becomes her male best-friend; every girl should have one. He is there for her, and when she returns to Philadelphia, he is exactly what she needs.  Piper redeems herself in this book and as her friendship with Julien blossoms some things never stay away. Ending in an unbelievelable revelation earns this episode of Sinful Desires four hearts


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SynopsisWhat was wrong with me? When Reed showed up at my house and said that his marriage was over, I should've been thrilled. So why was I thinking that maybe he wasn't what I wanted after all?

When handsome and rich Reed Stirling says he's giving up everything to be with Piper, she knows that this should be everything she's ever wanted. But something is holding her back, and she's pretty sure it isn't just her justifiable trust issues with men.
Former Vegas stripper Piper Black is torn between what she's always thought she wanted and something new that she'll have to fight for. Will she be able to figure out what her heart truly wants, or will she lose everything?

Don't miss this final steamy installment to M.S. Parker's Sinful Desires series.

Nothing is ever simple in Piper's world!

Her relationship with Julien escalates, and when he turns to her after a painful lost, she realizes that their friendship was so much more. But Reed re-appears and everything blows up in smoke.

The drama in this episode kept my attention as I wondered which direction Piper would choose.  I hoped she would make the right choice; my choice, but I just didn't know. Yes, M. S. Parker you kept me on the edge of my seat with this installment. Eventually, giving Brock his due justice and Piper the happily ever after she deserves! Four hearts on story well told.



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About Author

M. S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection. Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance. Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn't retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars. When M. S. isn't writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.
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