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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW ❤ Tracker's End (Wind Dragons MC Book 3) by Chantal Fernando

(Wind Dragons MC Series, #3)
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Sweet, shy, and studious, Lana was the perfect student in high school—and the perfect target for a horny jock. After being seduced and humiliated, she swears she’ll never trust a man again. But when a friend draws her into the circle of the Wind Dragons MC, Lana’s steel-walled defenses are put to the test. The bikers are so sexy, so masculine and assured, they’re hard to resist—especially the gorgeous one called Tracker…
From the moment he meets Lana, Tracker feels the chemistry between them—and it’s highly explosive. A part of him wants to protect this angel on earth from the hell-on-wheels bikers’ world. But another part of him wants to take her in his arms, put her on his bike, and ride off into the sunset together. Lana wants the same thing—even though she knows it will set off a firestorm of trouble. She also knows that when a woman want something, she has to fight for it. And Tracker is definitely worth fighting for…

*Note: Can be read as a standalone.

Wind Dragons series is now one of my favorite MC series. I’ve given positive reviews to the previously released books, but Tracker’s End is my favorite and highest rated in the series. Lana is introduced in book 2 Arrow’s Hells as Anna best friend. When she and Tracker meet the two are immediately attracted to one another but Tracker is currently on-again with Allie and for a year stays away from Lana. Eventually, he realizes that the relationship is not what he wants and ends it to pursue Lana. Tracker’s End was enjoyable and easy to read in one sitting; that has me looking forward to the next book in the series.  


Chantal Fernando seemed to have gone in a different direction with the characters in this book because they seemed real and relatable than those in the first two books. I loved Tracker. He was possessive and arrogant, but it wasn’t a significant character flaw because it's balanced by his loyalty, kindness, and humor. Tracker wasn’t overly alpha although he did have moments where he over-reacted, but they didn’t make me facepalm. Lana wasn’t whiny, super bitchy or sickeningly sweet. She had a low self-esteem, was distrustful of men but could totally hold her own when necessary.


The Lack of DRAMA. Given Allie’s strong dislike for Lana I figured there would have been more confrontation between the two especially after the exposure of their history. In previous books, Allie seemed to have a thing for making trouble, and she didn’t do that here. I wasn’t expecting her to disappear quietly and ok with the end of her relationship with Tracker, but she was and this was VERY DISAPPOINTING. What should have been an OH SHIT moment ending up being an oh damn moment. Allie eventually got what she deserved, but events surrounding it was very anti-climatic.


If you love MC romances, then this is one book you’ll want to read. Tracker's End can be read as a standalone but shouldn’t because they previous books introduces the major players in this series along with some much-needed background info. Chantal Fernando does not disappoint her readers with this book, and I hope to can’t wait to see whose story is next. I hope it’s Rake!

*I received as an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Wind Dragons MC Series:
(Wind Dragons MC Series, #1)
Re-Released: April 21, 2015

When Faye discovers her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she does something incredibly stupid: she sleeps with his brother, Dexter Black. He’s the boy next door who grew up to be one sexy biker dude, pure alpha male to the core. A tattooed muscle-bound fantasy in the flesh, Dex is now vice president of the notorious Wind Dragons MC. And now Faye’s really screwed. . . . She’s a law student with a future. He’s a criminal with a past. She’s a good girl from a strict family. He’s a bad boy who breaks all the rules. But once Faye straddles the back of Dex’s bike—and experiences the thrill of the open road, the rush of pure adrenaline, and the roar of unbridled lust—there’s no turning back. This good girl and her hot-blooded biker are in for the ride of their lives. . .

*Note: this version is a revised and expanded edition of the indie version. It can be read as a stand alone.

(Wind Dragons MC Series, #2)
Release Date: June 16, 2015
My Review

Anna is a beautiful Ph.D. student whose older brother is a notorious badass in the Wind Dragons MC. Of course she loves Rake, who’s looked out for her since their troubled childhood. But he’s still protecting her—to the extreme. She can’t make a move without a Wind Dragons motorcycle escort. Potential boyfriends flee, for fear of her ass-kicking sibling. And Rake’s made it clear that his biker brothers are trouble of the worst kind, and strictly off-limits. But one of these tattooed bad boys has already pierced her heart: Arrow, the bearded, darkly brooding rider with the body of a Greek God and eyes that betray a wounded soul. He’s sent to whisk her off campus on his thundering steel stallion. And when Anna wraps her arms around his rock-hard torso, it’s too late for caution: she’ll ride as far as the road takes them—unless Rake stops Arrow in his flight. . . .

*Note: this can be read as a stand alone

Chantal Fernando is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author whose novels include two books in the Maybe series—Maybe This Time and its follow up, This Time Around; and her latest releases, Toxic Girl and Saxon. When not reading, writing, or daydreaming, she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family. She lives in Western Australia.


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