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Monday, September 7, 2015

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW ❤ More Than Famous (The Famous Novels #2) by Kahlen Aymes

More Than Famous (The Famous Novels #2)
by Kahlen Aymes
August 31st 2015
Cover created by Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations

Fame is a bitch... And a half.

Being a big star has its perks, but Caden Carlisle is in love with his costar, Brooklyn Halloway, and the movie studio demands that they keep it under wraps to ensure big box office success.

Cade always disliked the spotlight, preferring to focus on the work, but coupled with the ruthless stalking of rabid paparazzi, the secrecy forced upon his new and fragile relationship, and the vindictive games of others, celebrity status turns into a curse.

Can the roller coaster of emotions bring them closer still, or will jealousy and distance rip them apart forever?

Kahlen Aymes turns up the heat and cranks up the angst in FAMOUS Novel Two; the continuation of Cade and Brook's incredible love story... Because there's more to fame than meets the eye.
More Than Famous is the second book in Kahlen Aymes Famous Series. The series centers around Brook Holloway and Cade Carlisle, the actors playing the characters in the film adaptation of Ms. Amyes Remembrance Trilogy. This book is not a standalone, so it is highly recommended to read Famous prior to diving into this book. At the time of this review, Famous is FREE on all retailers. More Than Famous continues to follow Brook and Cade’s struggle to have a  relationship with so many working against them. They are facing an annoying ex, a conniving co-star and the studio’s contract that prevents romances between co-stars.  Will their love survive? 

I read Famous and then jumped directly into More Than Famous. I loved the originality of writing about the film production of the author’s earlier series. This concept is fitting, especially in a world where storylines are sometimes overdone. Ms. Aymes writing style pulled me into the story sometimes resulting in me yelling at my iPad and wanting to slap the characters. I loved the use of dual POVs, which allowed me to understand the characters reactions to events without repetition of the entire scene.
My only issue with this story was Brook’s lack of maturity. Throughout the story, it’s reiterated how strong she is but when that strength is REQUIRED, she runs and hides. I needed her strength to show. I wanted her to be strong, bold and fierce, but she was childish, weak and cowardly. She became the victim. When Cade would ask what happened, Brook’s replies caused me to cringe. Instead of explaining she wanted to avoid. As a reader, this was especially frustrating because I knew that a simple conversation would have resolved the issue.
Overall I found More Than Famous to be a good addition to the series. Fans of the Remembrance Trilogy will want to read this. If you're a reader looking for a sweet romance with an original plot, drama and angst then this series is for you. I can’t wait to read Beyond Famous to find out how Cade and Brook’s story ends.
I received as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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FAMOUS (The Famous Novels #1) is available for FREE!

Caden Carlisle is a world-renowned superstar with good looks, million dollar movie deals and women throwing themselves at him wherever he goes. He has it all… but wants nothing more than a normal life without the paparazzi and glitz.

Brooklyn Holloway is an up and coming starlet with a solid head on her shoulders and her eyes wide open. It’s all about art for her and she isn’t looking to star in blockbuster films. She’s perfectly happy keeping a low profile and doing indie projects with a message.

When fate throws the two of them together on set; both are unprepared for their undeniable connection. Cade is drawn to Brook’s down-to-earth wholesomeness and she can’t help the irresistible pull of his good looks, sense of humor and chivalrous ways... So, when he begins to think he’s in love with her, resisting is next to impossible, despite being committed to someone else. 

Only when filming ends and the world's fascination with celebrity invades their bubble, can they decide if the emotions they felt on set were scripted, or forever.

Beyond Famous (The Famous Novels #3) 
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Kahlen Aymes is a USA Today best selling author who writes steamy romance novels that cross genre lines between New Adult, Adult Contemporary and Erotica.

Kahlen has been on several bestseller lists including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Publisher's Weekly, iBooks and USA Today! She began her writing career writing Twilight Fan Fiction and won multiple awards in the genre, including BEST Author, BEST Robsten, Best All-Human that Knocks You Off Your Feet and several others!

Her interests include reading, as well as writing, theater arts, cooking, roller skating and going for long walks. She is the proud mom to one teenage daughter and two golden retrievers.

She LOVES writing more than most anything else in the universe, and you can count on her to deliver strong, relatable characters, deep and detailed plots, and emotion overflow!

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