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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UPDATE ❤ I'll Be Back Soon!!

Well, I'll be back soon!!!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve of been on hiatus from blogging but not from reading. I intended to be on a break for just a couple of weeks, but when I looked around, four months had passed. Unfortunately, life happened or didn't depending on how you look at it. I've struggled with depression for most of my adult life and would usually recognize it when I found myself drifting. This time, I didn't. It took a conversation with my sister for me to realize that things were going astray. So I jumped back into life, or it jumped back into me, and I got out of bed, then the house. Keep in mind that while I am going through all of this I'm still reading. But nothing I read inspired me to write. The books were either ok, good but not GREAT. There wasn't anything that stayed with me after I read the end if I even got that far.  Until recently. I read a book that made me scream at the end. I SCREAMED!!! So I guess you can say my six-month reading funk has ended.

Beginning next week, I'll slowly start posting/blogging again. When I started Sinamen Reads Romance, the intention was to have a place to publish my reviews. In looking back at my posts over the last two years, I didn't hold true to that. So, there will not be as many promotional posts on the blog unless it includes EXCLUSIVE content. I want to focus on reviews, cover reveals and a few, just for fun memes. I'll utilize my social media sites for all other promos.

I want to thank those that have stuck with me while I'm still finding my place in this community.

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