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My name is Sinamen Reads and I am a one-click junkie, kindle book hoarder and a SMUT slut.  Last time I one clicked was yesterday and I downloaded an additional seven books to my kindle that already has 2000+ books. To hide my addiction from myself, I purchase a $50 Amazon gift card each month and once those funds have been depleted, I can only download FREE books. I currently have 250 books on my wish list and add more every day.  I am hoping that this blog will help me manage my addiction.


Ok, my real name is Altovise but all my reviews will be signed Sinamen. If you read my original post you know I am a 30 something single parent to a teenager and I am seriously thinking about running away from her. When I’m not planning my escape, I’m reading a book which is my escape. But I do love to read. YES, I am  a one-click addict and  SMUT SLUT!!! And all I want to do is share a good book you.

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