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Please familiarize yourself with my rating system prior to submitting a review request or reading my reviews.

5 hearts ~ I LOVED this book and was blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this story.  Serious book hangover!!! I'm glad I read it and will likely read again in the future. I highly recommend reading this book.

4.5 hearts ~ I loved this book, and it stirred something in me but there was still a little something missing but would definitely recommend reading this book.

4 hearts ~ This book was great and I would whole-heartedly  recommend reading it. It just didn't send me into a tailspin or turn my world upside down; it simply tilted it.

3.5 hearts ~ This book was good but not great.  It doesn't quite earn four hearts, but still more than a three heart read.  I would recommend this book with some hesitancy as it would be a hit or miss.

3 hearts ~ IT WAS OK.  It was enjoyable enough that I read it in its entirety, but I still wouldn't give this book a grand endorsement.  

2 hearts ~ This story was not a complete loss, but I still DIDN'T LIKE IT. I probably had to push myself to keep reading it and more than likely walked away from it a few times. I eventually finished it. Nevertheless, I would NOT recommend this book.

1 heart ~ I HATED IT! Finishing this story was like visiting the dentist and getting your wisdom teeth pulled without the use of a local anesthetic. I would NOT recommend this book.

No Rating ~ I DID NOT FINISH reading this books and could not give a rating. I will NOT leave reviews on any retail sites, but I will categorize as Abandoned/ DNF on my Blog and Goodreads.

I will never give a low rating to a book I did not finish. I reserve the right to review the book up to where I read. But if I skipped around and read the ending, I would mark the book DNF and give the reasons. I don’t think it’s fair to rate a book that I have not read in its entirety.

If you are an author and disagree with my rating or my reasoning, please feel free to let me know.  I'm open with discussing my review and getting feedback from you. And to my blog readers if you read the book and disagree with my rating please send me an email, note in comments or contact me on Facebook. I am always open to an alternative opinion and may even ask you for permission to post your alternative view.

We won’t always agree, but I hope we can agree to disagree.

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